Some of our  services include:
-    Annual Planting
-    Mulch Installation
-    Shrub and Tree Planting
-    Garden Design
-    Drainage Specialists
-    Cement & Concrete Work
-    Driveways and Driveway design
-    Walkways and design
-    Patios and design
-    Selected Holiday Decorations
-    Walls & Steps
-    Ponds/ waterfalls and design
-    Perennial Garden installation
-    Planter specialists....
     TO BE FILLED!!!
-    Spring bulb planting
-    Large rocks installed as great
     landart or for retaining berms
-    Rose Garden Specialists
-    Unique Event planning with rental
     use of our plant and garden materials
-    Fences, gates, trellises designed and
Since every project is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that we provide.  Depending on the individual needs of each client we can pull resources from many other fields.